Radiata Stories Graphical Errors?
I've began playing it! Got my Original CD back bought a new one actually. Look at this. Can somebody help me with this problem? Also how to maximize the graphics?

its in the attachments. Please and thanks![/php]

[Edit] Since double posting is not allowed sorry for before, The shadow of the characters is rather quite smudgy :/

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Enable Alpha hack in GSDX
Impossible blend for D3D: (Cs - 0) * 128 >> 7 + Cs
(05-10-2012, 03:36 PM)Incapacity Wrote: Impossible blend for D3D: (Cs - 0) * 128 >> 7 + Cs

Ignore it..

I also had this game and that alpha hack fixed the lines as in pic you attached..

And I got the same thing in Program Log, that's forgiven as long you can play it..
Lines are still visible. I don't have direct11 :/
that problem only visible when you're using Direct3D9 as renderer, even though alpha hack was turned on
How to fix it then? Also I can't press Square and X at the same time. I'm using a controller right now. I cant use my special only Square works. Should I download lilypad?
Use Direct3D 10 (Hardware) as renderer..

And yeah, you should download lilypad if you don't have it
Does the directx 10 renderer exist anymore?

but yes it looks like if you dont have shader model 3 it wont use the alpha hack (omitted from the shader files)
[Image: ref_sig_anim.gif?ex=65f40671&is=65e19171...551a681a&=]

Yes it does, I am currently using it. I can't get rid of the lines. Playing with them. Good to know the memory card is working. So I just load it from there right? I've placed lilypad but I cant seem to use it :/
And how do you use your volty kuhaku? Square and Cross doesn't work :/

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