Radiata Stories issue
Most light effects don't dissipate within the game and is especially annoying within a cutscene where a effect blocks out most of a character. I can see lingering effects while in battle however they do go away but seem intensely saturated and disappear instead of fading.

The game runs perfectly fine(55-60 fps) excluding a frame rate drop when navigating menus (about 45~ fps).

I tried to get the best examples, however its hard to show a lack of fading, but do know that it is not supposed to be this way.

Heres a video with how it is supposed to be:

If there is any additional information you need just ask!

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software rendering required afaik.
If you're talking about using the software option instead of hardware for the graphics plugins it doesn't fix the issue, effects still don't fade properly. (however entering battles and exiting battles now blurs correctly, but plays at about 30~ fps so its not worth it)
if effects are missing in software mode, report it to gabest.
Any information I should include?
screenshots and a gs dump i think.
Just to clear you don't need to take a separate screenshot when making a dump it takes a screenshot when you make the dump with shift+f8.
I'm aware, however to carlify I should post my report in the GSdx topic right?
You could attach it here or in that topic. I'm interested in the GS dump Smile
Edit: Oh, and please use ctrl+shift+F8 to create it, as that's more complete.

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