Raise fps?
So I installed pcsx2 through svn on ubuntu and just the binary pkg on windows. Im only running intel duo 2.2 so I know its slow. But in windows I lowered the res on windows down to 256x256 in the gsdx plugin (lol, as long as it plays), used speed hacks etc and am getting around 45fps on average whereas the linux version only runs 15fps on average with the zerogs plugin :/. Is there a gsdx plugin for linux (heard it would be slow so not too worried about it) or is there something else I can do on windows to make this run that 10fps faster? Im not looking for graphics so if some things don't get drawn thats ok. I just want it to run at a good framerate. The MGS series is my favorite Smile

Im using the Directx9(hardware) with geforce 9400m

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(07-31-2011, 02:19 AM)freshmeat20 Wrote: ... Im only running intel duo 2.2 so I know its slow....
.. The MGS series is my favorite Smile ....

..... with geforce 9400m

Uh-oh... Sad

Well, even though I'm not sure exactly which MGS game you're trying there, and you're using a really low internal resolution (also, Speedhacks), I'm afraid you're getting the kind of experience you should expect. The MGS games are certainly some of the harder games to emulate, and your PC specs are rather low in general.

By the way - Don't be surprised if the FPS gets worse at times...
I don't know if my setting will work on linux (the GSdx ones certainly won't) but there's a link in my sig if you want to try

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