I got 16gb of ram and just recently I recently figured out how to get ePSXe to work and for some reason bushido blade would drop frames by half. It wasn't until I noticed that you can change the ram intake of the program to whatever you want that I was reaching fps levels I expected. Now what I want to know is that is there a way to do that with this emulator as well. I run all my games at either 1920x1080 or x3 native resolutions with fxaa and anisotropic filtering x4. This usually nets me a solid 60fps with the games looking gorgeous but occasionally my frames to drop to 50-55 and I want it to stop. I was wondering if this is due to a ram limitation or maybe I just need to lower my settings if anyone can help thank you very much! Laugh

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So it depends on system as a whole and RAM is not really important. The ePSXe thing is how much VRAM (Graphics Card ram) and that is because some cards don't report right in it's video backend, auto works for a lot of cards just not all cards in ePSXe.

If you post your system specs and what games you are trying to run we could probably give you decent advice.
where can I pull up my system specs? Like for an easy copy and paste. Other than that the main games that have this problem are Dark Cloud and Star Ocean Till the End of Time

this will give you an easy format to copy and paste
CPU and GPU is important....ram is not important.
i have those 2 games that you mentioned....well it run well on my old rig...based on 1920x1080...despite only 8gb DDR3 ram,old ATi cards.
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