Random Crashes
I sadly don't have too much information on this problem right now but I have some priors that seem relevant. Problem is games randomly crashing after about 30m-1h of play. This is a random occurrence, happens on any game and either happens or doesn't (I've played six or seven hours sessions with no crashes). Examples games I've seen it on:

Star Ocean
DBZ Budokai 2
Kingdom Hearts (1 will crash 2 has yet to)
Dynasty Warriors

This also used to happen on my previous computer has since which been replaced; I am using the exact same PCSX2 files however so the problem could lie there I suppose.

Prior Rig:
Quad Core @ 2.8GHz
6GB Ram
GTX 560 Ti

Current Rig:
Intel i5 @ 4.2 GHz (Quad Core)
16GB Ram
GTX 760 MSI Edition x 2 (I know SLI isn't relevant to emulating)

PCSX2 1.0.0 (r5350)
PCSX2 Plugins:
GSdx 5334
LilyPad svn (r5282)
SPU2-X r5324
cdvdGigaherz (r4488)
USBnull 0.7.0
FWnull 0.7.0
DEV9null 0.5.0

Video Settings:
Direct3D11 (Hardware)
@ 6x Native
Texture Filtering
HW Hacks MSAA x16

Input is a wireless 360 controller if relevant; I have tried playing with native res and MSAA off to no avail. These settings run most games at capped frames. Some need to be in x5 and Dynasty Warriors usually is more stable at x3

The crash is basically just "Program Has Stopped Working" from windows error message. Any help is appreicated.


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Change audio from Xaudio to DirectSound or WaveOut and that should fix it. This is a currently known issue that effects certain systems. The exact cause isn't known yet, but that should fix it.
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