Random Drop in FPS
Hi guys, I've been using Ps2 Emulator for about a week, and it's been going fine until i started to play this game called SD Gundam G Generation Wars. It's fine until I start seeing those battle scenes, everytime there's a big explosion, the FPS would drop so much, and slow down the music too. I tried everything, but it still drop. I know it isn't my computer is slow because it can play Crysis at max settings. (I'll post it's specs and everything).
Here's my current settings for Ps2 emulator:
Config -> Graphics
Resolution: Windowed
Renderer: Direct3D10 (hardware)
Shader: Pixel shader 2.0
Interlacing (f5): Blend bff (slight blur, 1/2 fps)
Aspect Ratio (f6): 16:9
D3D internal res 1024 1024
Texture filtering, alpha correction, NLOOP hack checked.

Config -> CPU
EERec - EE/IOP recompiler (need MMX/SSE)
VU recompilers and Multi threaded GS mode all checked.
Frame Limiting is Limit -Force frames to normal speeds if too fast, with in detailed settings, 60 for all except in the consecutive frames to skip: (see note 3) one.

COnfig -> Game Fixes
I only have 2 options, so i checked both.

Config -> Speed Hacks
I have Use x2 cycle rate checked. and all the right side checked
Miscellaneous is not checked.

Config -> Advanced
Round Mode Negative
Clamp Mode normal
Flust to Zero and Denormals are zero are checked
Round mode is Negative
Clamp MOde is normal
Flush to zero and Denormals are zero are also checked

My computer specs:
Intel Core Quad 6600

any help is appreciated!

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update your GSdx, it should run faster. also make sure you're using the latest pcsx2 beta or compile the SVN
I've noticed in a few different games that certain explosion effects cause massive slowdown. Specifically Gundam Seed Destiny: Generation of CE has a similar problem. The GSDx plugin shows 100% usage meaning it's GPU limited in that case. Latest version as well as 1398 (proclaimed to run better on ATi cards than newer versions).

It should be noted that some PS2 effects aren't easily emulated and may cause said slowdowns even on the best machines. Also a little side note, those technically wouldn't be considered "random" slowdowns if they occur regularly when something specific happens ^_^
Hi thanks for the input.
@ Saiki, where would be the best place to get GSdx? microsoft website? cause I searched google, and a bunch of ones came up
If your Q6600 is at stock speeds (2.4ghz) then that could explain why. That's a bit slow for PCSX2 emulation, so of course things are going to slow down when lots of stuff has to be drawn onscreen(like explosions!)
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it has it's own stickied thread on this forum -.-
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(08-17-2009, 10:57 PM)iamthebest22 Wrote: @ Saiki, where would be the best place to get GSdx?

the plugins part of the forum perhaps?
Heh k thanks guys got the Gsdx updated, still well slow downs but less now, guess it's as what Koji said Laugh but i"m happy Laugh
Have you tried shrinking the D3D internal rez?
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