Random FPS drops for FFX.
I've done some research on Google and read through different threads, but nothing really seemed to help. I'm playing FFX on the latest version of PCSX2. I can get a stable 50 FPS (or higher w/o frame limiting), but at random times, this will drop to around half that at around ~26 FPS. Naturally the sound is slower as well. It can be a cutscene or during gameplay, doesn't seem to matter. I've tested this by standing in a single spot for 10 minutes and it happens on and off.

CPU - AMD Phenom II x6 1050t
GPU - AMD HD Radeon 5770
Ram - 4GB
OS - Win7 64b

I'm fully aware my computer isn't the best. However, it can run practically any game out at the moment w/ high settings. There are some exceptions, though. In terms of emulators/roms, I shouldn't be having a problem. At least not this problem, if it's something on my end.

If other hardware/software information is needed, let me know.

[Image: Ei0MQBC.png]

Settings in "emulation settings" are on default/recommended, on the exception of my custom resolution and having frame limiting disabled (testing results with the latter).

Any help is appreciated.

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Did you think about disabling amd cool n' quiet in your bios ?
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(10-28-2013, 04:37 PM)jesalvein Wrote: Did you think about disabling amd cool n' quiet in your bios ?

I've had to do that in the past and it fixed FPS problems I was having for PC games. I don't think it has been enabled again, considering I never touched anything in my BIOs since.

The only hardware upgrade I've made since was a new HDD, but I'm not sure if that would be it. I'll have to check, just in case.
Take a look at this
and use the settings that are suggested, I'm playing FFX right now and with that settings works well.
If it doesn't work you should check at your CPU and GPU temperature/frequency because maybe something is throttling due to overheating.
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Doing so will make you look like fool,Emulation is 3x more brutal on your pc then any PC game

That being said effects like Demi cause FPS drops and few other effect that cant really be worked around
Maybe some background process which comes up perioduicly and takes some CPU cores?
I found that JDownloader takes a big chunk of CPU time to decompress downloaded files. You don't notice it normally - only in PCSX2, which really need every bit of computing power Ninja

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