Random Freezes in each game?
Greetings. I'm not very good at english, so be prepared. Tongue2
Okay, so what's the problem?

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
CPU: AMD Phenom™ II X4 955 Processor (4 CPUs), 3.2GHz
GPU: Nvidia 560Ti GTX

Each game i try on pcsx sometimes gives strange fps drops for about half-sec, i.e.
Persona 3 FES - sometimes in videos and always then I do first attack/magic cast/scan etc.
Guilty Gear AC+ - in battle (most annoying) and in character selection
Dark Cloud 2 - when I do a first attack
Final Fantasy X - in videos and very often with spell casts

Except those freezes, games work perfectly with 60 fps, I'm only using "2+ cores" hack, other settings is default.
Tested it on several revisions, but same problem. :\

Is it normal or...?


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When you say "freezes", you're refering to the FPS drops, right?

The FPS drops seem they could be related to your GSdx settings. In particular, your internal resolution.

What do you have that set to?
Yep, fps drops.

For internal resolution...it's 2x. Tried "PS2 native" but no difference.
I'm only using "2+ cores" hack <--what's that?? Do you mean MTVU? Are you running the games from their DVDs or from ISO images?
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Then maybe you're just being limited by your CPU.
Try some of the other Speedhacks. Like the [Recommended] hacks, and try little bits of the EE or VU cycle sliders.

Also, consider disabling the MTVU hack to see if that is causing a problem at times. It is pretty compatible, but can be detrimental on occasion.
(10-10-2011, 10:38 PM)Rezard Wrote: but can be detrimental on occasion.

Yeesh That must be tough if your English is poor. Tongue
Tried recommended hacks and it worked! But after I rebooted PC it's started fps droping again. ><
Probably more like my system software problem. :\
And it doesn't give fps drops in FF7LaughoC or Kingdom Hearts. Weird.
It might be worth monitoring your temperatures, memory usage etc which you play, see if anything goes mad.
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I don't think 53 degrees and 15% CPU usage can affect perfomance. :|
Well, sorta some progress with final fantasy x (didn't test other games) : no fps drops in movies and spell casts for about 1-2 hours, after that it starts again -.- but...if i press esc and open game window again fps drops go off for 1-2 hours again, what the....?
Could be some kind of power saving feature kicking in, as refraction recommended try checking the temperatures and maybe clock speeds when you get those slowdowns, you can check them with an app like CoreTemp.

Would also help if you told us the EE/GS% numbers in the game window when you get the problem.
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