Random Number Generator Reset?
I really think there should be a way to reset the random number generator. Loading a save state results in the exact same stuff happening no matter what; in this instance Dokapon Kingdom. From what I understand, the only way currently to reset the rng is by loading from a saved game which is rather tedious to do over and over to trigger a rare event.

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I would think the RNG is diffrent for each game, requireing the devs to make a custom tailored reset button for each game. I dont think thats on their priority list.
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Ah, okay. I wasn't sure if it was something generated by the console or each individual game. I've noticed a similar phenomenon in some other emulators.
Definitely different for each game, there are games that do the randomization once the area or whatever needs it gets loaded, doing a save state after that point would be useless which looks like your case.
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