Random "Pure virtual function call" errors when switching to software mode
I had forgotten all about this error as it hadn't happened in a month. But sometimes, randomly, when I go to software mode with F9, I get an error dialog box, something to the effect of Visual C runtime, Pure Virtual Function Call. I didn't take a screenshot just now and can't reproduce it. Hence, why I said it's random. The game will keep running behind it, I can even move around with my controller, but once I click the okay box PCSX2 crashes. The more information dialog references MSVCRxxx.dll where I THINK xxx is 100 but not sure.

I thought I eradicated this last month by reinstalling the visual c runtimes but no, here it is again.

This is on PCSX2 1.1.0 R5745 but it happened on the earlier two builds I was using between now and a month or so ago.

Any idea what's up with that?
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This uninstall all the VisualC++ on the computer then install EVERY VisualC+++ from 2005 to 2013 with most update verisons, I been using this for years makes it much easier to keep track of visual c updates this is general updated with a new exe every time there update

If that dont fix it might svn build issue but i not seen this issue actual I not seen any error with some visualc file since using this.
Allready here -> http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Switching...re-problem

The only solution i find are using latest PCSX2 with the GSDX5727, and no more problem :/
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I think we sourced where it appeared but nobody has been brave enough to tackle it yet Tongue2
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