Random Restarts
I'm not sure if it's an overheat or whatever else (Speedfan gives me about 108 degrees F on my GPU), but I'm getting random computer restarts (occasionally with my screen turning a solid color) when playing FFX and FFXII on PCSX2. Sometimes I can play for hours and it won't happen, but other times it will happen within 10-15 minutes. I used to get similar errors (after installing a new video card) with everything, but they stopped on everything but PCSX2 when I upgraded my PSU.

I'm using an ATI Radeon 5700 HD with an AMD Phenom II processor. I've tried multiple settings and played with speedhacks enabled and disabled, and nothing has seemed to solve the problem.

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If your graphics card is reaching 108 degrees, it is seriously overheating and might get damaged. Use GPU-Z to cross-check that the reading is valid and if it is, find out what's wrong with the cooling of your graphics card
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108 degree C or F? If C, place some bread inside your computer case. Happy baking! Laugh
Haha! Sorry, 108 degrees F. With other games I see it hitting 130 and it never restarts when I'm playing those.

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