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Random WIndows 8 Crash, nothing to suggest why in Log Window

for some reason i get random crashes in PCSX2 on windows 8 pro 64-bit, it happens in all games but nothing appears in the Log Window as to why it happens, it just displays that "pcsx2 is not responding, send error report to microsoft" i have the same config as i did on windows 7 ultimate 64bit but the crashes didnt happen, so does anyone have a solution or should i go back to windows 7 (eaisly done)

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screen shot of issue

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nice to see windows 8 is nice and detailed.

Can you try changing SPU2-X output module to Directsound instead of XAudio2 and see if the crash persists? We have been having an issue with this recently that seems to be causing a lot of crashes on random computers.
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hey thanks refraction this managed to fix it, thank you so much + for you
Does it happen on all Windows 8 PC? The XAudio2 is default and I'm using Windows 8, but I haven't play game on PCSX2 for a quite some time (I did get a crash last time I run PCSX2 1.0.0). I want to know it and avoid unexpected crashes.
Im not sure. I suspect it's a mixture of OEM sound chips and XAudio2. some people running windows 7 are having the same issue too. However my Soundmax onboard sound hasn't had any random crashing issues, nor did my X-Fi card.

Edit: It looks like SNES9x devs are having the same issue from a quick google search. One user suggested making sure you have the latest available audio drivers for your card direct from realtek or whoever makes it as old drivers have problems or something.. I don't know how correct that is.

Also making sure you are on the VS2010 SP1 Runtimes might help as the non SP1 versions had some serious issues. You can grab this from here:
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