Random frame drop problem
My PC runs all the PS2 games i tried just fine. But sometimes, for no reason, the FPS and Speed drops in half just to a few moments later come back to the normal.

This occurs more on The Sims 2 and The Sims Bustin Out on the spliscreen multiplayer.

My computer has good specs (I have an i7 and GTX 960) and this happens independently of the graphic option, render, etc. And I don't have this kind of problem with other emulators or games. I've tried to run on the DVD, HDD, SSD and the same problem happens.

The graphical options don't matter that much. Native, x3, x5, same thing. I'm using preset 3 with the multi-core speedhack activated.

I don't know if it could be a problem with the censorshp checkers or 2D sprites but the drops occurs more when the Sims go to the bathroom, wash dishes or similars. I don't know if there is a way do deactivate those features to try out. But could be totally random too.

My CPU keeps in 30 ~ 40% and GPU 20 ~ 30% so isn't a problem with the hardware being pushed to the limit. Despite those drops the game runs 100% Speed full and can go even more if i deactivate the limiter

Anybody knows what it is and if it is fixable in someway? I'm using version 1.5 dev but this happened on 1.4 too. Tried a lot of versions, same thing.

This could be something that can be fixed on an dev version update? Any devs on the forum?

Thank you!

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