Random slow down?
intel i7Qm 2.0ghz turbo 3.0ghz
geforce 560m 775cc
16 gig ram
.playing on 3x native

On Castlevania Curse of shadows, i experience random lag, most common when multiple enemies are on screen, but also occurs when there is none.

My fps does not dip, stays constant at 55-60.
EE % 10-60
Vram on my card peaked at 300mb out of 2gigs.
Also when i play GoW at 3x native, there is no lag when fighting bosses/ crowds of enemies.

So i'm not really sure what's causing this lag.

Any suggestions?

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*use VU cycle stealing at LV-2 be aware of the fake fps reading,set power plan to "high performance" and avoid running on laptop batteries.
*that 1st gen i7 laptop is little bit old and 2.0 is weak for pcsx2,turbo 3.0 may not guarantee it's pcsx2 performance instead it will fry your laptop's CPU,i7
s HT is also add-up the heat and very-limited ventilation/cooling.
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Castlevania is not GoW. GoW is VERY easy on the emulator (now anyway) an castlevania has always been hard.

also, the further you increase the resolution, the slower it becomes.

I'm not going to say 2.0 is TOO slow for pcsx2, but I am going to say that running intense games like this at 3x, is just insane on 2.0

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