Random up movement...thing
Hey guys.

Got the Emu sometime two days ago, it's been wokring mostly without a hitch, some slowdowns here and there at places you'd expect. So, today, I found a little mess-up on my part in my controller mapping, so I corrected it - the left stick of the 360 joypad I was using was mapped to L. Stick up and left. So I correct it, but now the character won't stop moving forward slowly if the left stick and d-pad are neutral. How can I fix this?

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screenshot of your lilypad configuration

or just grab KrossX's pokopom plugin
If it makes any difference, I've got no idea what 'lilypad' is, unless you mean the actual emulator's config screen. I just plug the 360 pad into the computer and run it. And it hasn't even been doing this until earlier today.
lilypad is the input plugin
Here. I have my keyboard and gamepad on it.

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select all the items after Right Trig (Shift+click) and delete them, then assign each button again.

then go to the first tab and unselect DirectInput in the GamePad/Gamecontroller area (Bottom left)

Then return to the Pad1 tab and reset the LEFT/RIGHT/UP/DOWN on each stick again.
That fixed it. Thanks!
i have created a bug for this @ https://code.google.com/p/pcsx2/issues/detail?id=1329, basically the controller should only expose Xinput buttons on xbox360(Xinput) type devices, but an oversight in lilypad results in the gamepad exposing both DX and Xinput buttons, and often you can reload the plugin config agan and it will randomly decide it wants to map the buttons via DirectX instead of Xinput, confusing the whole button map up Laugh

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