Rankings games by their sysreqs
I've been following pcsx2 for many years now. About once or twice a year I would check the latest version, find out it is still too slow on my machine and give up.

Today I had a pleasant surprise. I am usually checking pcsx2 with FFX but today I decided to try a new game Persona 3 FES. Surprisingly it worked quite well on my old machine:

Core 2 Duo E6320
Geforce 8800 GTS 320MB

My fps was constantly between 55 - 60 and I only saw slowdown when saving (through the game, not save state). I've played for about an hour so it is possible that I will later reach a part of the game were slow down will occur but I specifically played until at least the first battle to try and see how long I can keep the smoothness going on.

I than decided to try FFXII and while you might call it playable it simply wasn't enough. FPS was between 35 - 55 with many slowdowns.

So we can (or at least I) can certainly say that Persona 3 is easier to run than FFXII.

Using this benchmark I'd like to ask veteran pcsx2 users to try and give me an idea of the kind of performance I can expect from other games. Basically what I would like to know is if most games will be closer to Persona 3 performance or to FFXII.

I am mainly interested in playing RPG's like

Persona 4
Kingdom Hearts
Dragon Quest VIII


Thanks Ahead!

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Actually Persona 3 tends to have more/bigger slowdowns than FFXII specially in some battles and scenes while normally (not in battles or with many characters on screen) it can be faster, it really depends a lot on your machine.

Persona 4 can be really slow in cutscenes with lots of people (cpu dependant), disgaea is of the fastest games, FFX and kingdom hearts are of the fastest 3D games, nocturne can be a bit slow.

I suggest you check the screenshots/video thread and compare to others who have tried the games before and also check the list of games that don't need a lot of cpu power (you have a slow CPU).

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Thank you Shadow Lady for the links. That is exactly what I was looking for. I am disappointed to hear about Persona 3...
Persona 3 and 4 are still nicely playable, even when you don't get full speed all the time.
Hint: Try the async mixing mode in SPU2-X. When the game is playing nice with it, it helps mask low fps.
Persona 3 and 4 ran awesome when I had an 8800GT, ran better with a GTX260, and amazing now with 2xGTX480.

But I couldn't ever get the damn artifacting ground textures to disappear in P4, it's plagued me over several versions of PCSX2 and all of my cards. Sad
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FFX and Kingdom Hearts will run full speed on that rig, I can't comment on the others as I don't have them. You need to look into buying a faster processor so you won't run into slowdowns. It's going to be what causes any slowdowns, that card is fine as long as you don't try running the graphics at an insane resolution.

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