Rare controllers plugin? (For instance Guitar Freaks guitar...)
Hello everyone, my name is Daniel (I hope I'm not doing something wrong not creating an introductory thread, but I couldn't find that kind of threads)

I'm a spanish guy living in Japan and a real lover of arcade machines, retrocomputing, consoles, emulators and music. I'm not going to explain all my story, to make it short I'm a GREAT fan of BEMANIS, specially Guitar Freaks (game / formula that was improved with Guitar Hero and Rock Band) and as total fan, I recently got two guitars (an arcade-like guitar and the typical small guitar -more like a rock electric ukelele if you ask me-) and the games Guitar Freaks, GF 2nd Append, GF3 and DM2 and GF4 and DM3; the two last ones for PS2.

I was about to get the PSX (Playstation 2 white) but my wife kindly invited me not to, offering me to sleep in the balcony from now in case I do... so I updated my emulators and I discover that the compatibility with this kind of controller makes impossible to play with them. Specially the small guitar (model RU018, I believe) was totally hopeless, generating some lag due directions already pressed all the time. I cannot confirm they work perfectly because I don't have a console to check it, at least here in Tokyo, but I presume these devices are simply "too special and unique", and not popular...

But I'm sure it's not the only case, so I would like to ask if there is someone insterested on adding features / fixing / creating a plugin for this kind of unique controllers. Also encourage everyone to share a model of a rare controller impossible to use with emulators as well. I would like to say "hey, I'll develop a plugin for fixing that" but I must admit that my coding and emulation tech. knowledge is really limited  Blush Sad

Thanks for reading this long post and thanks in advance for any answer or tip from now on. Regards!!

PD: The big guitar arcade like for Playstation is the model "STYLE0030".

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