Ratchet And Clank Lag Problems

I'm sorry if this is the wrong part of the forums,
If I am, can an admin please navigate me to the right place?

I recently found this sexy software, and started to play "Ratchet And Clank Going Commando" it works fine, apart from certain areas, in big places that have alot of activity the game starts to lag when I look away from the active areas the lag goes?

Feel free to ask for information

EDIT: I have another problem with using the Electrolizer, I press triangle to go in it, and this is what comes up;

Help would be appreciated

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Sadly, the ratchet and clank games don't emulate well for anyone, it always lags, you can kind of mess around with the turbo and make the entire game go faster, but that speeds up the music, and the game throttles from slow to fast constantly as you move around the environment and it just isn't worth it imo.
Alright thanks for the reply Smile

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