Ratchet&Clank and Jak.
Are those games still not working correctly?. And I was wondering if my setup is fine for ps2 games.

And I do know my cpu is a bit weak.

CPU:AMD Athlon II X2 3.0 (Dual Core) (Obviously SSE2 Only. Dammit)
GPU: ATI Radeon HD 6450 1G GDDR3 DX11
OS: Windows 7 ultimate 64
RAM: 4 gigs DDR3. 2x2 sticks (Will be either upgradeing to two 4 gig's or two 8 gig's when they come out)
Lets see... If there's anything else that i need to post let me know.

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nope thats all the infomation specs we need and the score is under the minimum stats......a little bit weak for pcsx2.
C2D at 3.0 Ghz and gddr2 equivalent Video card
i5 or i7 at 3.2Ghz and gddr5 equivalent video card
i7 Extreme series unlocked by 5Ghz and gddr5~ Super-OC edition video card or Nvidia GTX-Ti Super-OC edition and excess of 256-bit bandwidth

*If your desktop/laptop's has a C2D,Core-i BUT it's video card is a Intel-GMA,Gxx express chipset,Sandy Bridge's intergrated video card or other built-ined
VGA that takes priority of a failure system requirement.
**If your desktop/laptop's video card is gddr2,gddr3,gddr5 or other best video card BUT it's CPU is a Dual/quad-core less than 2.66Ghz, a
Pentium 3,4 or AMD athlon 64,486,586,Intel-Atom,ALL types of Netbook or other single-core
CPU that takes priority of a failure system requirement.
Main PC1:i5-4670,HD7770(Active!)
Main PC2:i5-11600K,GTX1660Ti(Active!)
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PCSX2 version uses:Custom compiled buildĀ 1.7.0 64-bit(to be update regularly)
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For a minimum state system i do fairly well then. i honestly get 60 frames on some of the higher games but mostly i stick with rpgs. rouge galaxy runs 60 frames per second. and Final fantasy 12 is like 55 so its not that bad. I kinda figured i was minimum. (aka i knew my processor was crap) how bout the games tho. are the issues still there? like the corruption in ratchet and clank.

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