Ratchet: Deadlocked (NTSC) Is there a way to disable bloom effects in game?
This may or may not be in the wrong chunk of the forums, but there appears to be specific help regarding getting games to run.
This is a copy of the message from the general discussion.

I fully understand that Ratchet: Deadlocked is a ridiculously tough game to run for PCSX2. By the way, my general specs for my PC are as follows:
AMD 5700HD CPU 3.4GHZ overclocked to 4.1.
GTX 780
16GB of RAM
Windows 10 64 bit.

I have figured a way to run the game on Hardware mode with some slight drawbacks, by using these general settings:
D3D 11 Renderer. Aggressive CRC Hacks.
HW Hacks: Half Pixel, Align Sprite, Alpha. Skipdraw 1 for Planets and Deadly Gas challenges ONLY. Any higher breaks textures.

SpeedHacks: Standard mVU Flag, MTVU, Spin, Wait Loop. EE Cyclerate at -2, Cycle Stealing at 0. Cycle stealing causes the audio to not catch up to the rest of the game and provides apparently no benefits on my system.

For some video of these results, check out my Coub Below. The first 5 or so seconds are of the game in Software Mode D3D11, and the rather bloomtastic footage in the other half of the video is the game in Hardware mode with the settings above. Here is the link:                       http://coub.com/view/cllt5      

The Good news, the game runs at a somewhat manageable speed in Hardware mode on planets. The bad news, the bloom goes off of the charts with a skipdraw of 1. A skipdraw of 0 leads to massive colored bars that wholly obscure the screen.  In the video, I switch between Skipdraw at 1, at 0, and back again.           http://coub.com/view/cl6q7
By the way, check out the rest of my Coubs if you like!

Obviously, I want to make the best of the framerate granted to me in Hardware Mode, but the bloom effects obscure a lot of the action. Does anyone know how to disable or suppress bloom effects completely without the use of skipdraw?

As a mild glimmer of hope, during a landstalker challenge there was a small area where all bloom effects disappeared completely. I was quite excited until I realized that only happened when I angled my view downward in a very specific spot.

I really hope you guys can find a solution to my problem! be sure to check out my other Coubs of my PCSX2 Gameplay!

Hopefully, with more eyes on the issue, perhaps more people can put whatever answers come up to good use!

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