Ratchet and Clank 1
I'm new in the forum.
I tried PCSX2 for the first time a year ago hoping to play this wonderful game but my computer wasn't so good at that time and It didn't even start.
I recently built my new computer.It has now a huge power (Intel 3rd generation I5 processor; ATI Radeon 7870,8GB RAM 1600 MHZ).
The game is playable now but i'm still having some trouble with graphic glitches and lags.
For sure,it is a compatibility problem.
I'm almost sure i cannot solve it by changing the settings.
I believe this is a compatibility problem.
The question is:can these problems be fixed in a near future to make this game fully playable?
Moreover i saw lots of people make the same question.
Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

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this game is playabke in software mode.
simply press F9.

But you need to have a very powerful PC to make it run @ playable speeds in this mode.
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maybe an i7 processor would have done the job..
just make sure you are using the MTVU speedhack and in the GSDX config, set your number of Software Rendering threads at the bottom to 3.

if it's still a bit slow, try the recommended speedhacks and possibly put the vu cycle stealing slider up a notch or two.
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Thanks!! Smile
I will let you know if this does the job!

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