Ratchet and Clank Texture Issues
Okay I know this seems to be a common problem with some HW hack fixes, but hear me out because the suggestions made by other answeres I was able to google aren't working for me.

I am running version 1.4.0 on windows 10
CPU 5930k
Ram 32g
GFX 1080ti

I have tried all 6 graphics plugin renderers, excluding the no render core benchmark one of course, the software renderers work fine. But dx9/11/opengl scramble the textures as seen in the attached screenshot. Turning on alpha in the HW hacks for DS9/11 is the only one that seems to have an effect but near textures are still scrambled and far textures are shaded but not textured. All other settings (I tested them 1 at a time, including all GS settings outside of video for hardware hacks) have no effect.

I also tacked on a DXDIAG

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I figured it out, the mipmapping engine options are missing in 1.4 I was able to access them on 1.5 (indev) and when I disable them I get the same bug. So it's a problem where the mimapping is not being properly delivered on the renderers provided for 1.4. 1.5 works great but there is a bug in the menu when you pause the game where it renders the background as a screenshot and pauses the game. It only renders this background in a tiny corner of the screen instead of the full image. I think it's interpreting the screen size natively, then taking a screenshot of only the corner lol.

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