Ratchet and Clank - Unsupported Forever?
Hey, first off I'm new to the site (and PCSX2) and I'm loving everything so far. I ripped Final Fantasy XII to my computer, and while it doesn't run PERFECTLY, I'm getting a steady 60FPS with 5x native resolution. Absolutely beautiful.

However, today I ripped my old copy of Ratchet and Clank and fired it up, expecting it to run better than FFXII (much weaker graphics) and have immediately discovered how bugged it is.

This is a known issue. Apparently PCSX2 does not support MipMaps. I read this on a thread posted in 2010. Apparently you can play the game via DX11 software mode and it works, but not only is it EXTREMELY slow, the resolution is also set to native.

So my question is simple: Will PCSX2 ever support MipMaps via hardware mode? I'd love to play this classic on the PC, but as it stands, it's pretty impossible. The textures are extremely bugged, and the game runs VERY slow as a result.

Any info would be nice, thanks!

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It's nearly impossible to implement such thing with todays standars, it's more or less a combination of GPU hardware + API restriction. Maybe if a new version of DX comes out and helps the matter but only then I guess.
Yeah, I figured there wasn't much to be done about it... Shame, it looks like Going Commando has the same problem too. Sad

Just out of curiosity though, what is API restriction?
I think it's more of a texture caching restriction. Due to how it works using MIP levels will mean a complete rewrite of the cache itself.

It is possible (im sure Sudo has said so), but it isn't an easy quick fix like it was with software mode.
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Yeah... Kinda sucks. The Ratchet and Clank games are classics that would be amazing on the PC, but I can't expect anyone to put countless hours into a fix for one person who's saying so.

Oh well. Sad

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