Ratchet and Clank graphics/resolution issues
I've read about lots of graphics issues with these games but also seen a lot better results than I'm getting, and considering that my PC is pretty new I'm hoping to achieve the same. I've been doing a lot of searching into fixing these issues but nothing seems to have the same effect for me.

So, the bottom line is that in software mode I get a stunningly clear and smooth image but terrible graphics glitches, flickering textures and all. In hardware mode there's none of those glitches but the resolution is awful, or something else is making the image terribly fuzzy - it's like playing on one of those old kitchen box TVs blown up onto a 42 inch flatscreen. I don't get any FPS issues on either. It's frustrating because I keep reading the opposite in old threads... I did all the searching I could and can't really fix this. Screenshots with my settings and of the problems included.

So it just a decision between glitches or resolution, or have I got a button ticked somewhere that's screwing things up? Thanks for any tips.
    Software mode

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there is nothing you can do
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Quote:So it just a decision between glitches or resolution,
you got it.
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Other than that you've got hardware mode and software mode backwards (hardware mode has texture flickering issues due to lacking proper mipmapping support, something that isn't easily fixed, while software mode is limited to using native resolution which can look somewhat blurry when stretched/scaled up to fit larger windows, but generally has better rendering accuracy than hardware mode), everything you've said is correct. You're left with the decision of nicer graphics with texture flicker issues or fuzzy graphics with minimal (if any) rendering issues.
Got them backwards, did I? This requires further research... it also explains why they seemed to act the exact opposite for me than they did for other people online.

Yeah, oh well, I guess playing in '02 resolution can't be any worse than playing it on the PS2 on the same TV. It sucks, though, because it looks real pretty in hardware mode, aside from Ratchet being green and all...

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