Ratchet and Clank problems
Hey guys,

I have massive problems with ratchet and clank. Bugged textures but also low fps (about 10-16)

Using: also tried (still problems)
using dx9 and normal audio the remain is as regular installed

windows 7 64 bit
8 gb ram
2x ati radeon 4870 HD X2
amd phenom II X4 965 @4,01GHz

good working game: Devil May Cry 3 without any problems

[Image: oxz2ngk8.jpg]

[Image: q3885cnm.jpg]

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For bugged Texture, Try using the DirectX 10 mode.

Try setting it to DirectX10 Software too. The Software mode should correct the problem And set
Set the Renderering threads to 3.

Play the Game in Native Resolution and Use the MTVU Speedhack and frameskip. change the base framerate to 150%. as the Game itself tends to be slow. Tongue2

Hope you find it useful Smile
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Hi and thank you for your try to help me.

I tried DirectX10 but it doesn't help software but also hardware.
MTVU and framskip couldnt help either. I did everything you said
but I keep playing on 15 fps its like playing matrix for real.
Even I use gamehacks like "Mostly Harmful - 6" I get to 30 fps
but it still is like on 5 fps matrix.
@gonzoo ratchet and clank series are still in ingame status in pcsx2........there are graphical glitches in all of the ratchet and clank series regarding pcsx2.....so its no use because even if the graphics get corrected u'll have problems with speed....i.e for now...stay tuned for future updates and see if those helps..
Software mode corrects graphical glitches. Tongue2 Well, Ratchet and Clank tends to be slow.
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