Raw Danger!'s HW performance is 20% of what it was a few revisions ago.
(My God, another thread on this game)

Not like I could really play this game on HW rendering, but I wanted to point out that the game, for some reason, is significantly slower using the same settings on revision 5294 of GSdx than it is on revision 5268.

Not like this game could really be helped, but whatever is causing the slowdown might also be slowing down other games.

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As accuracy improves, games get slower.
(06-14-2012, 04:54 AM)Squall Leonhart Wrote: As accuracy improves, games get slower.

Going from 0.9.6 to 0.9.9 I really would not say that is true, accuracy does slow down emulation of course but optimisation also happens simultaneously.
There's just no law of progression I think it's just whatever the coding team is up to I guess.
Why would it be that accuracy makes games slower? It's still an emulator whether it's really accurate or not, which takes 100 times the original console's power to do.

Accurate or not, optimization is key to making it work fast AND accurate.
because sometimes you spend more time doing a function when its implemented accurately then when its incomplete
I thought that if it was incomplete, it just wouldn't work. So you're saying you can emulate at something like 75% accuracy and get what we have? I thought we already hit very near 100% accuracy - being that I thought that that is what is required for it to even run the games.

Well, the final product should be very near 100X the original hardware. If it's getting harder to emulate things, then it's not that it's breaking the games, it's that it's getting closer to it's true self.
Yup, you can emulate things somewhat and still have stuff run... some of it. Try and remember the first things that started to run with PCSX2 and how much has changed since then.

As of now, I ain't seeing a slowdown and rather with r5293 or r5294 there was a lag in HW when going to the menu in Ar Tonelico 2 which is now gone. So that's a plus. =D
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The latest GSdx work indeed is more correct and WILL cause massive slowdowns (until someone finds a way to optimize that, if ever). This is how emulation is, the more accurate and closer to the console you are, the slower you get.
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