Re-configuring everytime I open !?!
Hi, got a litte wee problem here...well a few problems Tongue

Everytime i open pcsx2 0.9.6, i always have to reconfigure everything. Also after I pressed 'OK', this an erros message comes up

'Cannot Load GS Plugin 'plugins':<NULL>

Which I'm sure that I setted the plugins directory to its rightful place.

That was problem 1. Heres Problem 2! Tongue
I also need to configure the controls over and over again. And if i configured it, it still doesnt act as it should be ingame (which means i cannont get past the title screen of any game since i can select new game, or load, etc...)

And lastly, when i excute the game (the game is Final Fantasy XII btw) psx2 give me an error message of not able to find memory cards.

Thanks for helping me in advance, hope my english is good.

P.S I also attached screenshots to show the problems, hope it helps, thanks again.

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search more next time, they're stickied threads

I feel like an idiot now. I am truly sorry, thanks for the links.

*think to himself: Man im such a noob*
Wrong section too, moved and closed.
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