Read before posting - Information to PCSX2 on GNU/Linux
This thread contains some hints and troubleshooting how you should proceed whenever you have problems with PCSX2 on GNU/Linux.

Others might point you to this thread because your post is lacking necessary information in order to give you further assistance. Please read through this Text carefully, and modify your original post then.

Some of this points will not apply to all problems, however: Try to provide as much information as you can. This will increase your chance on getting faster/better responses.
Basic troubleshooting
  • Try to launch PCSX2 from Terminal directly (Don't use shortcuts/Start menu entries etc.) to avoid possible problems with these.
  • Try to restart with a new PCSX2-configuration (Close PCSX2 when running, backup & delete config in $HOME/.config/PCSX2, re-run First-time wizard)
  • Verify your Hard- and Software meets the minimum requirements, see here:
Graphics/Video Troubleshooting
  • Can you run other 3D-OpenGL Applications (Games) on your system? If no, it's most likely not an issue with PCSX2.
Sound Troubleshooting
  • No Sound: Verify your configuration works: Are you able to play other sources like Music, Movies...? If not, solve that first.
If troubleshooting doesn't help, and you cannot find a thread already covering your problem, feel free to create a new topic. Include as much as possible from the following.
Make sure to embbed logs/console outputs etc. using the code-format to keep your text better readable.

Create an appropriate title, that should include your distro, the PCSX2-version and your problem. A few examples:
  • Ubuntu 20.04, PCSX2 1.6.0: Glitches in Sound playback
  • Fedora 31, PCSX2 1.7.0: Crash on Controller input (XBOX One Controller)
  • Debian 10, PCSX2 1.4.0: Cannot start PCSX2, "libXXX missing"
Problem description
  • Describe your problem(s) as detailed as possible in a few sentences. When you have multiple problems, which most likely aren't related, feel free to open multiple Threads for them.
  • What game did you try to run?
Describe what you've already tried yourself, please at least try the methods described in troubleshooting above!

Information about the PCSX2 Application:
  • Post your emulog whenever possible (Open console: Debug->Show console)
  • How did you install PCSX2, from which source? If you used a guide, please refer to it.
  • How do you start PCSX2?
  • Post the output from the terminal when you launch PCSX2
System Information
General information about your system:
  • Distribution/Version/System language
  • Kernel version
  • Hardware
Include the output of:
inxi -Fxz

Important: If you're able to solve your problem, either by yourself or because someone helped you, please include your solution within your thread, and mark it as "SOLVED" in it's title!
This will help others in the future, avoiding to ask the same question again.

If anyone has additional points to add/Feedback, let me know. Maybe this thread could be pinned to stay visible on the Front page, if you think it's helpful.
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