Reasonable speed (am I wrong again ? )
hi, guys Smile
firstly I'd like to thank you all devs,coders and members
for giving me this chance
Backgrund : Sometimes we play games in a scenes fps at full and
another scenes fps drop upto 10 fps that really sucks ;p .
In this case the games speed become really unstable.
This setting gives little help stable and your games become reasonable speed
to be played
Ok, let's go to the point Wink
Here I'll give another and better quick guide and setting how to make
your game to be full speed or at least your game won't
drop under 20 fps (call it too slow)
before I give the setting, I'll explain fps changes :
1.if your games 39fps or more (your game become speed full speed)
2.if your games 20 fps or more ( fps changes to 39fps or more this mean
it speed at playable speed )
3.if your games 20fps or less ( fps changes will be changes to 20fps to 39fps
this mean it speed at reasonable speed )
Here setting :
1. Emulation setting :
(see pic bellow)
2.GSDX (r5442) setting :
-use hardware mode
-native resolution
-(see pic gsdx setting)
3.SPU2-X r5324
-use async
-(see pic spu2 pic)

Those setting using pcsx2 r5443
Winxp 32 bit. Pls test,comment and give your opinion Smile

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1.As far as I know(I may be wrong),there is no point it changing the latency in SPU2-X if you are using ASync.

2.For example NTSC game,Base Frame Limit...100% means ~60fps.
Enabling turbo mode(which is set to 10% )will reduce the game speed to 6fps even if you can get more than 6 and then it will start skipping 1 frame and render 3.
This will increase the speed a little but what's the point in lowering the speed if you are going to increase it with frame skipping.

With your settings,if I have for example 40 fps with default settings,if I enable turbo mode,this will decrease my speed by a lot.

The turbo and slow motion mode are nothing special,you are just forcing base speed with them.
If you can get 30 fps the game max speed is 60fps and you enable Slow mode while slow mode is set to 50%,the game will run at max 30fps

The same goes for Turbo mode.
If you can get 90fps when fps limit is off,turbo mode is set to 150%,you won't get more than 90fps when turbo is enabled and since you use "skip when turbo",you will just get tinny bit lower cpu usage but make the game skip 1 frame and draw 3...the speed won't go above 90fps but when there is a place that decrease your speed,the speed won't go a low as when skipping is not enabled

Those options are not there to help increase the speed if you can't get full speed,they are used to just play some part of the game at lower speed or faster(if your pc can give you the speed you set)...there are placed that are more easy if the game speed is lower than normal and when you don't want to wast your time on normal speed to play at higher speed(specified max speed)

3.Also,I don't really know much about the Round\Clamping modes the default settings gives you more speed(None on Clamping gives you more but I thing there was some negative effect)
with no clamps some games break, it doesn't work for every game.

this is a good start, you're just missing one thing. you can set a lower rez in the ini and I recommend 384, as it seems to work best if the GPU can't handle native

edit: 384 will not compromise too much on graphics, while giving more speed
Have you tried it yet? Smile
do you realize who I am?
^I started these kinds of things
I know you have made similar thread like this. Smile bt please test it and what impact speed do feel?. Thank you Smile
Ok I just tested your settings and here is the result(I knew what the result will be but I tried anyway)
The game I did the testing was Ar Tonelico 2

While in battle in the menus(where there is absolutely noting moving),if I disable the frame limit,I get 200fps and more(I have that speed without your settings).

Enabling Turbo mode with your settings,reduced those 200fps+ to constant 6fps.
Enabling Slow motion,reduced the speed to below 3fps.

Setting anything in Turbo\Slow mode is the same as setting anything in Base Speed.
Once you enable the mode,the game will obey the percentage you set as max speed on the mode you enabled

So to answer your question(thread title)...yes you are I wrong again

And I'll say it again...with slow\turbo modes you just change the max speed(the game to not run at higher speed than the percentage you set for the mode).
Sorry vsub, you got me wrong Smile... But my focus is on slow game and unstable speed fps drop upto 10fps. Pls test on slow games... Thank you Smile
It doesn't matter if I get a lot of speed on the game I used.
The point was that your settings decrease the speed by A LOT.

Even if I try game on which I get low speed,the result won't be any different because 10% of 60fps is 6fps.

MS Saga A New battle with normal settings I get 16fps and with your settings,the game goes down to 6fps and also skip 1 frame every 3 frames

Turbo\Slow mode can't help in getting more speed than the speed your pc can give you without turbo\slow mode
Really 0.o ... But mine fps never goes under 20fps. Are you using hardware mode? Coz this setting doesn't work for software mode...

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