Reccomend settings ? [naruto ult ninja 5]
Hello pcsx2 users Smile

I'm _____ and nice to meet you Laugh
Well before i post this thread, i searced the forum read the sticky topics and most of the usefull stuff...
I was just considering what would the best "graph" settings be for "naruto shippuden ultimate ninja 5"

I only use the default plugins and my dubbed bios [my own from my console].
I have intel core i3 and AMD Radeon 5750 [more than the recomended so i'm okay]

The 1 preset works pretty much fine for me [50-52 average fps] but as i mentioned before i was just wondering if could make them a bit better or something Smile

Thanks for readinnng Smile

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Never mind found it my self... no lag no tremble and stuff, full screen good definition playable at 90/100 best Wink

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