Recent Playground betas don't work for me.
Playground revision since circa r485 crash when I try to run any game. Earlier revisions (can't be exact here) work fine.
This happened both when I compiled PCSX2 myself (in release modes; debug modes works fine) and when I downloaded re4rainbow's file.

I am using WINXP SP3.
I tried changing all plugins and turning off the config->cpu options as well as renaming the inis folder and reconfiguring everything - nothing helped.

Any help? Any more info that I should provide?

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Well start by redownloading the playground pack from the official page and only take the memcards and statesaves of ur old version.

Then compile a fresh version of the executable and test it that way.
Ah - didn't think of that. It worked! Thanks.
Guess something got corrupted in my old setup somehow...

Some of the outdated plugins were causing problems, apparently.

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