Can someone recommend me some games that can run in fullspeed on a Amd Athlon x2 7550 2.5ghz... cuz persona 3 and 4 lags a bit when there are too many people in the screen, Thankyou so much!!!

PS: if possible, please give me the settings of each game =3 ... It's alright for me if it'll contain settings such as speedhacks and frameskipping.. ^^
(I'm pretty curious of how frameskipping works)

Edit: My GPU = Nvidia 430gt

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Persona 3 / 4 lags means the CPU and GPU aren't much powerfull. Try Final Fantasy X, and XII. They might run on fullspeed with some reccomended speedhacks. Smile

Excl You might need to overclock your CPU to 3 Ghz atleast to play many games. Smile
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Thanks for the fast reply,.. hmm so does it mean that ff x and xii consumes less power than persona/s?
any other more? I wanna try kingdom hearts.. but i'm not sure if it'll run =3

Edit: How do you think will naruto games work with my rig? ^^
Kingdom hearts may run @ 55-60 fps. Speedhakcs will be required.

Heres check this site:

PCSX2 Wiki

It contains some (limited though) games with the specs they used for testing. Theres a section called PC specs used to test the game:

Check there, if your processor matches/performs similar to that in regard to speed/preformance and Clock rate then there are chances the game may run, good.

For kingdom hearts:

Check here : Kingdom Hearts

Frameskipping works by skipping some specified frames. It will draw a no. of frames and skip the no. of specified frames.

Heres some frames of a games (say '|' is our frame) then

Frameskip set to Draw 1 and Skip 2.

The frames should go like this

| | | | | | | | | | |

But when frame skip is ON,
It will draw a frame and skip the second two.

So heres the frames now (after frameskip is enabled) :

| | | |.

So the frames will be skipped and hence reduced. Tongue2 But as you can see the frames are skipped hence some parts of the graphics is skipped and hence not displayed when using frameskip. So many a times frameksip cause graphical bugs/glitches etc. Tongue2

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Kingdom Hearts may run fast enough, FFX and FF12 as well.
You'll need speedhacks in any case though, and also look into overclocking.
Yeah! Overclocking will be a bit required. Buy a aftermarket cooler and overclock Tongue2
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anything NISA.
I tried overclocking this pc, though no luck... my mobo doesn't support it, Thanks!

@naoan what's NISA?
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