Recommended configuration for Nuvee/ Wiimote/ Lightgun
Dear Sirs of PCSX2,

Last time I posted it was about what pc system I should get etc. Since then I've learned a whole lot about pc's, programs etc, and I've got a fantastic system that runs Pcsx2 and Dolphin etc, beautifully. Thank you for your help before, and Thanks again for making this AWESOME EMULATOR, EVERYONE at PCSX2 is pure CLASS!

So on to the subject:

I have two motion plus wiimote's connected via bluetooth (sitcomm CN-516) Toshiba stack, with glovepie using a jostick script for wiimote, and PPJOY registered as Virtual Joysticks. I'm using a recent SVN revision pcsx2 5777, and the nuvee plugin, that registers my first wiimote as a joystick under the GCON 2 emulation option.

The question is - what is the best configuration in terms of sensitivity, dead zone, etc that you can recommend to make the wiimote as accurate and lag/drift free as possible?
Also - is there a way to view the in-game Time Crisis 2 crosshairs without seeing the mouse cursor where I point the wiimote? Presently I see the in game crosshairs during G-Con calibration in the game, but when navigating menus or actually playing the game, I don't see the crosshairs, and instead see my mouse cursor in it's place. This si annoying because it's distracting, but also because it doesn't seem to ever point to exactly where my "bullets" hit.

So to summarize;

What is the best advice you can give me for calibrating my wiimote to be as accurate as possible as an emulated lightgun in nuvee


How can I make the mouse cursor disappear and the original in-game crosshairs remain on screen correctly?

Thank you all very much for any help you can offer, and thank you again for your amazing and pure win emulator PCSX2!

Myles Thomas
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I know lilypad has an option to "Always hide mouse cursor"

Any such option in Nuvee?
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(01-04-2014, 07:42 PM)Blyss Sarania Wrote: I know lilypad has an option to "Always hide mouse cursor"

Any such option in Nuvee?

Thank you for your response,

There is a hide mouse cursor option in the pcsx2 general settings, but none in nuvee, only "snap mouse cursor to window." If I use the General tab hide cursor, then the in-game crosshairs are also invisible in Time Crisis 2.

Also - If I try to use a second wiimote as Player 2 G-con 2, then the game doesn't recognize player 1's button/trigger input at all on the calibration screen.

Any further advice would be greatly appreciated ^_^
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BUMP? (sorry to double post)
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I understand this is an old post, I am actively looking for a solution. If I do happen across one I will be sure to update this.
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