Record gameplay plugin?
From what i have red in the guide there is a plugin that allows to record game play. Is it better to use that plugin or a program like fraps to record game play.
If the plugin is better what is it called?

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I think you just found it.Its called ZZogl (Zero OpenGL)
It can record gameplay when you press F12 and select a codec Smile
but i still recommend Fraps Happy
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GSdx also records videos with the same button.
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I'd choose the plugin as the movie will playback at full speed regardless of how fast it was recorded (if you record very slowly or much faster than necessary for the game it will playback normally) which may be better depending on what you wanted to record and how anyway.
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thanks now i know how to record it. because ill probably post screenshots and videos in the forums. uhmm how to screen shot?f8 right?
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