Recording Footage with perfect audio
Greetings. I recently bought an 60V 8K TV for the upcoming PS5.
Anyways, the topic is: I want to record my footage with the perfect audio. I've bought an expensive Sound Card that's called "Sound Blaster AE-7", which is worth 24000 yen. It supports 384KHz in 32Bit sound format.
I do understand that the PCSX2 1.5.0 Automated version supports Surround 7.1, but is the latest PCSX2 possible to capture audio in 32Bit 384KHz with 7.1 Surround format?
If PS2 emulation has uncountable possibilities, then I would be glad if I can record PCSX2 footage with higher audio quality than PS2 remasters (Like ZOE 2nd Runner. This has Dolby Atmos and 4K recreational support).

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