Recording Pcsx2 Gameplay (Without lag)
I used the search function to find the answer I was looking for but I could not find the answer I was looking for so here i go.

I am trying to find a way to record pcsx2 footage without it lagging while I am playing. I know that the emulator has built in methods of recording, but those are reaaalllly slow when i am playing. I tried FRAPS which was better, but eventually became too slow and over bearing.

Would it be possible to install a capture card onto the PC that i am using for emulation? Would that work or is that not plausible/would lag anyways? I guess I am really looking for the best way to record pcsx2 gameplay.

Without lag :)

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F12 in GSDX i believe. Some versions don't have it i've also heard
There is no way, excet if you do it on a fast enough quad core, 2 cores for emulating and the rest for the recording so the lag will be minimal.
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Pick the correct codec. experiment some are faster
It's not just a matter of CPU speed either, but also HDD read/write speed. You'll get better results with one hard drive for your PS2/windows and a second just for recording video. Even better if you have one for Windows/PS2 games and a second/third drive in RAID.
I can record it at about 60 fps. You'll need to have a faster pc, and harddisk. If also while recording, it might be slow, but when you view the *.avi file, its super-fast @ 100 fps. AS orchlon said, you should pick the correct codec. some are faster and some are slower.
I have a pretty good processor (i5 2500k) so maybe ill just try different codecs and see how they work out. I also have a different storage device so i can try that as a output directory to make everything smoother.
SSD harddrive is what you really need.
As a last resort, use the raw video codec, then use Virtual Dub to compress it with something like xVid. It will use a lot of space, but it should reduce lag when recording.
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(04-23-2011, 09:00 PM)tuanming Wrote: SSD harddrive is what you really need.

Err... no. The biggest benefit to SSD is low access time and non-sequential reads. When recording videos you wouldn't need low access time and you'd be much more worried about sequential writes, any modern hard drive would be fast enough for that purpose.

Plus the benefits of a regular hard drive being cheaper and having much more storage which is a must for making lots of videos Wink

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