Red Dead Revolver - List of freezes in animations
Hi, I've finished this game last year in June and I want to post here a list of freezes in animations.
As you can know, this game is pretty playable, but in some animations game can freezes and you have to play that chapter again. 15 of 27 chapters are okay, so I guess it isn't bad. And maybe today that freezes are fixed, but I'm not sure about that and I don't want to play that game again to find out it.
Anyway, this game is absolutely awesome and I'm looking forward to Red Dead Redemption, if there'll be any PS3 or Xbox 360 emulator in the future. Biggrin

(And sorry for my bad english. I have B2 level in it, so I'm not a pro yet. Laugh)

Chapter 1 - OK
Chapter 2 - OK
Chapter 3 - first animation, last animation
Chapter 4 - OK
Chapter 5 - OK
Chapter 6 - OK
Chapter 7 - OK
Chapter 8 - OK
Chapter 9 - OK
Chapter 10 - OK
Chapter 11 - OK
Chapter 12 - last but one animation, final animation
Chapter 13 - first animation, last animation
Chapter 14 - last animation
Chapter 15 - first animation
Chapter 16 - first animation
Chapter 17 - OK
Chapter 18 - first animation
Chapter 19 - last but one animation, last animation
Chapter 20 - OK
Chapter 21 - first animation
Chapter 22 - OK
Chapter 23 - middle animation
Chapter 24 - middle animation
Chapter 25 - OK
Chapter 26 - OK
Chapter 27 - last animation

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Sorry for double post, but this thread is no longer necessary, because Red Dead Revolver is completely playable without any freezes in cutscenes (I tried it.)

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