Red Faction , flickering , version
Playing Red Faction on new 160 release (great job) dx11.
There is some flickering in upper left corner fairly often.
It is a somewhat small area.
It kind of looks like the background screen behind the gameplay.
Any fix for this? thank you

I have also noticed there is at least a few different versions of this game.
There is the 1.01 version dated 4/17-4/18/2001.
There is a 2.00 version with /data/ directory dated 6/7/2001.
On pcsx2 wiki there is reported 2.20 version.
And of course the greatest hits version... wonder what that is.

Wondering if anyone knows the differences between these versions, and which one is the final (greatest hits) version.

Apparently my version is the 2.00 and I've noticed some inconsistent triggering of the story dialogue, and many loot boxes seem unopenable, some very difficult parts and very few health packs to be found later in the game. It is fine because I like a challenge but I may have to start over from the beginning because I saved with low health... oop

great game though

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