Reduce FPS
I want to reduce fps, specially in turbo mode, like limiting at 15fps for background usage.
I tried to tweak the skip frames options but it does nothing.

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You can either shift-tab to put it in slow-mo or you can simply exit out of the emulation window to pause the game. Then later go to System>Pause/Resume to resume.
If I understand the intent is to not use resources while alt-tabbed?
I won't put it on slow motion, I rather need the 200% speed but below actual 100fps. It's for window mode so i can do something else at the same time.
Are you trying to limit the game's internal framerate? The speed % adjustments in the GS tab are what affect the framerate cap. In other words, you can't have 200% speed while being below 100FPS.
No I don't want to interfere with the game, I wished to change the rendering rate. Frame limiter and frame skipping confuse me.

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