Refill items in Valkyrie Profile 2
Hi ppl, how can i cheat this game to refill my items to get max stats, or sell items to get more of them.
Thanks Smile

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Have you tried finding such a cheat somewhere in the web?
I don't know what he doesn't understand from what I explained to him over PM

This is the code

If you press square along with right(d-pad),everything you sell will actually increase by that much.
For example you have 10 potions and sell 9 while the code is active.When you check how many you have after that,you will see that you have 19 rather than 1
When you are done with increasing the amount of an item,you have to press square+left to disable the code(otherwise pcsx2 may crash at some point)

I tried the code and it did work.

This is a simple tool that creates the pnach file with the correct name and save it in the correct place
(01-07-2016, 10:33 PM)vsub Wrote: This is a simple tool that creates the pnach file with the correct name and save it in the correct place

That is what i was searching for , thanks Smile
I am doing something wrong maybe, bcs it doesnt work.
Im doing it: - Open pcsx2
- open quick pnach
- add the code to the pnach window and press save.
- start the game in pcsx2.
You must start the game too,otherwise it won't know the game crc and name which is needed for naming the pnach file
Also,is System=>Enable Cheats enabled...pcsx2 don't actually enable them automatically if the option is not enabled while running the game so it's best to restart pcsx2(or the game)after you enable that option
Still not working , i enable cheats and start the game before open the quick pnach.
- Open pcsx2 with enabled cheats
- Open the game
- Open quick pnach, put the code lines and press Save.
- In any shop, enter sell mode and press Square + Right
- Sell items that i want to increase
- Press Square + Left and close Shop.

The tool just creates the file,it doesn't tell pcsx2 to load have to restart pcsx2 after you click the save button(or click on the console scrollbar until you see that to the name of the console is also added [4 Cheats]

And btw those codes are for the USA version of the game
Seems to say Overall 0 Cheats loaded

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Do you have a file named CC96CE93 inside
C:\Program Files (x86)\PCSX2 1.2.1\cheats
Start Menu=>Documents=>PCSX2=>cheats

If yes,try running pcsx2 as administrator

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