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Regarding new GUI, pcsx2wx cannot run from DVD.
I hope I get the answer here. I had compile the new source with the new GUI. But I encounter a problem to run a game directly from DVD. From iso seem ok. BUt it go to BIOS even I tick the BIOS skip hack. Is it normal and in a work atm? Thanks for answering.

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hmm , i have this proplem too ,i`ve made an iso it worked fine.
For the billionth time, the new GUI code is still ALPHA,incomplete,not working,unstable.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Ok, thanks the info. I'll stick to legacy GUI for now.
For future reference, the devs do NOT want people asking about unofficial releases. They're still being worked on and most problems are known and being fixed, that's why they haven't been officially compiled and released yet.
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