Reinstalling operating system?
I am reinstalling my operating system and I was wondering how I would get PCSX2 up and running after I am done re-installing. If I backed up my memory cards onto a USB, would the save files still work if put I them into correct directory (Documents/PCSX2/memcards)? Also, if I just copied all the installation files would onto a USB would it still work rather than re-installing PCSX2 and configuring the plugins all over again?

These are probably stupid questions but I really don't want to re-install PCSX2 again because the first time I installed it took me a lot of time to get it work....

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You can definitely just backup your memory cards,
then place them back in the memcards folder to use them again.

If you use the PCSX2 binary package (rather than installer),
that is "portable" and should migrate well.

I'm not completely sure if it wouldn't work out with the installer,
assuming using the same location(s),
but the settings are stored in the inis folder--
Just back them up and place them back with the "new" PCSX2.
usually what i do is rar my "Users" directory from an administrator account allowing shared files, that covers about 90% of the system, and if the new install ever needs a file / savegame ...etc I can just copy it from my archive.

Anyways you should consider using the portable pcsx2 version (the non installer version) everything is self contained in its own directory and wouldn't need to be reconfigured, I keep mine on another hdd so its always ready to go .
I never store anything in the User directory, except for some software that do not allow me to change where to save user data. When I need to reinstall the OS, I just format the C drive and do not need to worry 'bout data loss. All my data is store in other logical drives. The C drive contains programs, which are not needed to keep. I think it is a good practice.

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