[Release] SSAO and raytracing support in PCSX2
MXAO - 255 samples :

[Image: 2019-07-0622-00-44usknh.gif]

MartyMcFly's RT shader :

[Image: 2019-07-0707-40-053bk3a.gif]

This is a dirty hack of Reshade made to help getting access to depth buffer in games emulated by Pcsx2 emulator which is otherwise hard and really quirky.
The emulator does expose a depth buffer (not always but often), sometimes filled with the wrong data... but sometimes actually decent to use.


Do note that it's of course also compatible with latest MartyMcFly's RT shader
Everything works fine while staying in debug view (as shown above) but there's one annoying issue to prevent it from being perfect :
it has a 3, 4 frames delay between the SSAO buffer and the color buffer.

Everything about the issue is detailed here :

It *is* fixable, GlideN64 developper Gonetz did it :

To sum it up, to fix the delay issue (as shown in the Github links) Pcsx2 needs some code modification in order to :
- Render depth into "window buffer" ("fbo 0")
- (possibly, Gonetz had to do it) Save depth snapshot for each color buffer

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A little bit of an update : 

[Image: capturewyjgy.jpg]

I improved the user-friendliness of the whole thing, so now resolution parameters are automatically detected as soon as you click the "Handle upscaled internal resolution" checkbox.
Also I added "Stretch mode" selection to fix games with weird resolutions


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