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Remap the touch pad button?
Is there a way to map the touch pad as a button on the PS4 controller? I have been using the PS3 controller for my PC for some time now and I finally decided to try out the DS4. Overall I like it, but the start/select buttons are killing me... They don't protrude at all. I can't feel them, so I can't accurately press them without looking down at the controller which isn't an option if I'm in the dark.

I remapped "select" to the PS guide button (which is awkward in its own way) but there is nowhere for me to remap the start button to. The obvious choice would be the touch pad, since as far as I know, it has no functionality in PC games, since PC games think I'm using an Xbox controller which has no touch pad. So, why not put the touch pad to use and allow it to be serve the function of the start or select button? Is there any way to do this?

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Try Inputmapper by Josh Hebbel. It's sticked.
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Sorry, I should have specified that I believe that is what I'm already using. I'm using InputMapper version 1.5.29.
Then you should be able to use it. IIRC Mapping functions to the touchpad is possible in InputMapper.
I would suggest to go to the inputmapper forum and ask the same question again.

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