RemoteFX and GSDX10 compatability
Not sure if this is a known issue or not and I decided to make a new thread based on the uniquness of the situation.

I have configured my Core i7 920 computer to use Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard and configured it to use Hyper-V and virtual machines.

I do this so that my little netbook has a bit more power with the support of graphics processing aswell, the Graphics cards in the Server are 2 GTS 450's in SLI.

It seems that GSDX10 is reporting incompatiable hardware/drivers and I have a feeling its because of the RemoteFX driver that Remote Desktop uses when connecting..

GSDX9 renders PCSX2 sucessfully at 60 FPS in Tenkaichi 3 but after it reaches the menus and gameplay it drops significantly, And I know in previous times I've played this I've always needed the GSDX10 plugins for it to render at full speed.

Is there anyway to Force compatability or is there something that I am missing?

Fyi, I already updated the DirectX Runtime Libraries

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You could try an older version of GSdx, something like 0.1.14. It's possible remotefx is just not that compatible and current GSdx uses the DX11 runtimes instead of DX10 so that may be in the way.
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