Render issues
AMD FX 8350
24GB Ram
AMD Radeon HD 8570
Windows 10

Preset 3
Black, Burnout3

Okay so running one from the ISO and one from disk I encountered the same problem. Plugin GSDX 4600 with hardware Direct3D11 gets me a good playable speed however it has bad visual issues, colour distortion ghosting, but only in the gameplay, videos  and menus work fine.
If I change that to software games render fine but drop to 24fps on average and no settings seam to change this.

Any suggestions on what to do.

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Get the latest git version: and use OpenGL (Hardware) renderer.

And for Burnout 3 go to Config > Video (GS) > Plugin Settings, enable HW Hacks > Configue Hacks and set skipdraw to 3.
Much better however the sky is black and a little bit of flicker
Yup got black flecks on the screen every now and then and more frame drops than usual
Are all those issues for the same game?

The sky in Burnout 3 can be dark. If you want it to show up you need to load a race in software mode. Press F9 in the menu's to go to software mode, then after the loading is complete, you can change back to hardware mode with F9 and the sky will be there.
Not so much with the render issues in black but still the frame drops that I didn't have before

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