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Replaced an ELF file called CDVD_UC on the game Area 51 for Swap. How to trigger?
Like the title says, I have it all up and working, the swap worked perfectly fine, but I can't seem to trigger whatever CDVD_UC actually pertains to. It's the only game I currently have on me that has a clear cut ELF file. This is so I may install free McBoot and then extract the BIOS, if people were wondering what the relevance to the forum was.

If anybody could help me with this, I'd really appreciate it.

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Well UC could stand for anything that may be launched inside the game. Since I don't own the game I couldn't tell you what that may be. I would suggest you try a different game.
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Isn't there a guide you followed? Doesn't it explain what you need to do? Tongue
Most guides use 007 Agent Under Fire. I used Burnout 3 today when I was working on my friends ps2
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