Reports in the wiki missing in the forums and github
When there are bug reports in the wiki which aren't filed on the forums nor GitHub, should we the users assume you the developers are still tracking it?
I submitted a report on the forums about the broken thermal goggle vision in Metal Gear Solid 2, it was made clear that it was a known bug and the report wasn't pushed to GitHub. I then found out that something like it was written on the wiki.
On the GitHub issues section, searching for "Metal Gear", "thermal", "night" or even "post processing" does not yield anything closely related (to my limited knowledge). The closest result IMO is the Battlefront II bug, which is known in the wiki as Black Sky issue; I was the one who submitted it on the forums - after the MGS2 report mind you - and it was pushed anyways to GitHub and was marked as postponed by a developer, who said it was a known issue.

I'm interested in making another bug report about how the game Primal isn't able to be played using any hardware renderer because nothing is drawn during gameplay, resulting in a black screen. However this too is a known issue in the wiki but I can't find anything on GitHub about it. My objective would be to get it pushed to GitHub so the developers can better track it there and fix it ASAP. But should I bother doing it?
Is the intent of the developers to use the wiki as a secondary bug tracker or is it all supposed to be tracked on GitHub?
Cheers, good folk of the pcsx2 community.

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The main use of the wiki is to inform the user about the state of the game and its bugs on PCSX2, not the developer. No one is really checking the wiki and a lot of stuff in it is outdated, keep the bugs where the developers can see it in GitHub.
For a long time and partially even now a bug was/is only a valid bug if it was/is not fixable by any setting. Additionally for a long time the gs plugin wasn't really touched/improved by devs. So that bug reports concerning the gs plugin where lost in a large never answered never read thread.
And thats now the point where users decided that it might be good to collect all bugs, possible workarounds and as well speed issues/benchmarks. A wiki also has some advantages over a forum.

The problem was that the wiki also has disadvantages. And people lost more and more interest in it. Half of the data (especially benchmarks) get extremely fast outdated. Some 'bugs' were user/system-specific. So it was neither accurate nor sexy.

The wiki is for users, github and pcsx2 bug report section are for devs.
In my opinion, It's better to push the issue to GitHub even if it has been marked as a known bug in the wiki. following this way, there are more chances for developers to take a look at the issues. not all the developers use the wiki since it's highly likely for some bugs to be outdated.

on the other hand, not sure how I missed the MGS2 bug report, I'll push it after reproducing the issue. Thanks !

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