Request assistance with .psv to .ps2 conversion
I've been having some problems with trying to get some .psv format saves into the .ps2 mem card image format. I've spent roughly 20 total hours trying to get a working solution to the situation, to no avail. I'm at the point that I can get files into the .xps format, ready to import onto a blank memory card image in the .ps2 format. However, as I use windows 10 the msrvc71.dll is not available and makes this step impossible. I even went to the trouble of running a virtualized instance of Win XP 32 bit to try and run mymc or mymc-gui and this was unsuccessful as well. After seeking the missing .dll file, all the information I could find were links to what was apparently  at one point a legitimate site which has since become what amounts to a scumware repository. Microsoft has ceased support for Win XP and so downloading the file from a trusted source is no longer an option. I am at wit's end at this point. I've easily put hundreds, maybe thousands of hours into these save files so giving up isn't an option, but neither is banging my head against a wall or putting my PC at risk. 

I know that this is a 3-5 minute task with the right tools, but I'm ill-equipped. I'm trying not to be an entitled-sounding one post wonder who comes begging with their hands out so I explained my situation and I'd be happy to explain further if need be. I'm just ready to be done with it and move on with my life to the point that I'd paypal 20 bucks to someone who can just get the damn saves working in pcsx2 for me. Yes, srsly. I respect the time and effort it takes to help people with situations like mine. On a related note, I tried to find a donate button for the site (it's been a great help through all my research) but couldn't find one. Is that an option? Anyway, my sincerest thanks for reading my post and any help you can provide

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OMG OMG OMG NEW BUILD MEM CARD MANAGER SOLVED ALL MY PROBLEMS! I seriously want to hug the devs, I'm so happy I could crap my pants right now. But still, donations question still stands lol

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