Request for NO dithering code for PS2 games.
Hello everyone,

All is in the title! There is a thread about dithering for the first Playstation, and i wanted to start a thread about dithering on many Playstation 2 games.

Anyone has an idea about where to start, or how? cheatEngine, hex edit..?

I take the opportunity of this thread to expose a list of games that shows this problem: 

-Alias (Bad)
-Mortal Kombat Deception (Very Bad, black dots)
-Mortal Kombat Armageddon (Very Bad, black dots)
-Resident Evil 4 (ONLY in 480p mode, but Very Bad dithering like a grid)
-Tekken 4 (slight but the degradation of image quality is visible)
-Burnout 3 (idem as Tekken 4, slight but visible)
-Beach volleyball summer heat (Very Bad)
-Sonic Riders 1 (Very Bad)
-No One Lives Forever: The Operative (Very Bad)
-The Getaway 1 (Slight, and ONLY for the background in town)
-Gran Turismo 4 (ONLY in 480p and 1080i mode, but Very Bad dithering like a grid)
-Red Dead Revolver (Bad)
-Splashdown: rides gone wild (Bad) (ONLY during gameplay)
-007 Nightfire (Bad) (ONLY during vehicles phases)
-007 Agent Under Fire (Bad) (ONLY during vehicles phases)
-Silent Hill 4 (Bad) (ONLY when you are in your apartment)
-Sitting Ducks (Very Bad dithering, like a grid)
-Deus Ex : The Conspiracy (Bad)
-Headhunter (Very Bad dithering, like a grid)
-Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (Very Bad dithering, like a grid)*

I'm playing on a real PS2 with PS3 component cable. The dithering seems to not appear on emulator.

Thanks in advance!

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HW rendering in PCSX2 does not have dithering. That's the easiest way to achieve what you're asking.
(05-25-2019, 12:03 AM)CK1 Wrote: HW rendering in PCSX2 does not have dithering. That's the easiest way to achieve what you're asking.

Thanks for your reply! I know, there is no dithering that way on emulator. But i'm asking about playing on the real hardware.

I don't have a computer until june but i want to try to find memory codes or elf patching codes to fix dithering on PS2 games as we can see on this thread:
I would pay 100 € for the hacker who tells me how to disable dithering on Tourist Trophy (NTSC US version in 480p mode) with hex codes and the original disk (ideally no burned disk) and on real hardware. I would pay via Paypal.

As a starting point here are codes for Enthusia (code is for OPL's ps2rd format, and is for the US version of the game SLUS_209.67):

9030D458 0C0C34BE

20132428 24050000
2013242C 24060050
20132444 240701C0
201882F4 34040001
20132F48 34030066
20132F78 3C020001
20132F7C 34421400
20132F8C 00000000
201336C8 24050100
20133594 3C0B020A

201335DC FC430000

Also have a look at these links:
We do not allow any monetary values or 'bounties'. Especially when someone fixes it expecting money and the amount is never paid is very demoralizing.
Okay, got it. Is there a way or platform you can recommend for this thing?

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